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Our myanmar maids are all effectively trained and vastly experience in family service. Whether or not you’re wanting to engage a Myanmar, Burmese, Indonesian or Filipino maid, we’ve got the fitting experience to specifically match our domestic staff to these requirements of all of your household need. At Frondosa Metropolis Employment Company FCMaid, we provide you with all of your wanted home care so you possibly can leave all your household worries up in the air.

Many girls find good employment in Singapore, and a few have remained for a few years. The work offers them with a gradual revenue to ship dwelling. These remittances help each households and nationwide economies, like that of the Philippines, the place private remittances formed 9.8 percent of the country’s income in 2013.

On common, the cost of maid service might be wherever from $15 to $25 per hour, per maid. If more than one maid is going to do the job, then you'll take the hourly charge talked about and multiply it by the number of maids showing up. For example, two maids at $25 an hour would result in a $50 per hour service charge.