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At the same time, the team revealed that Kana-Allen, Keenan Allen, also had a larger war. His appearance probability is less than 50%, and the team is also more treated to treat him with a more conservative attitude. Allen was hurt in the 15th week and Denver's wild horse, which also led him to miss the 49 people in San Francisco last week.

Wholesale Nfl Jerseys official website reporter James Palmer reported that Hillman and Denver Morn Horse have agreed to sign a year. The contract is worth $ 2 million, including approximately $ 600,000 in guarantee income. Hilman will be again again and C. J. Anderson a partner of the running guard.

Smith is a 5-round show in the Jaguo 2014. In the past few years, it has been a stable member of the line guard. He has played a total of 76 games, and 69 games were first contributed more than 100 times a year. 2017 season, Smith is selected in a career bowl.

Although Lite's college career spent the head of Bill Belichick, he could not overcome the old will contribute huge old man who has contributed Huge Robs. (Scott Chandler) occupies a lineup, the latter is signed by the patriots in March this year.

Close-up Feng Tim-Lite returned to Tampawan pirate
After sending the close-end Feng Tim-Wright to the New England Patriots, Tampawan Pirates announced that they have rejected the bidding back to the player by abandoning the bidding. Previously, the patriots cut him on Thursday.

America Tiger Line Wei Tier Wen - Smith does not play the ball in 2019
Beijing May 10th Amateur Terrestrium Watch on Thursday, the American Tiger Line Wei Terwen-Smith released a statement through the personal instagram account, and the 2019 season will not participate in the rugby game.

Smith wrote: "A excellent coach has told me that if a man wants to show the best yourself, his world must have a well-well. Therefore, I must have suspended the game, take out the time to organize my own world. Time to leave more I am, my family, my health. "

The team recently supplemented with the strong line of power: Ramik Wilson, DJ Alexander and Najee Goode from the free market: Najee Goode, claims James - European James Onwalu, in three rounds of Quincy Williams.

Former Giants guard Kevin Feng - Qi Tele (Kevin Zeitler) will be signed with the Ravens three years, the total salary of $ 22.5 million, including $ 16 million in welfare. Qi Tele be laid off shortly before the Giants, as they free up $ 12 million in cap space.

Lightning Matthew Confirmation, Allen is less than 50% of the probability
This week, San Diego's opponent will be the Chief of Kansas City, as long as you win the game, they can go to the playoffs. Unfortunately, both parties will not be able to meet this regular season in the most complete lineup. The chief announced on the local time, and the four-point guards Alex Smith will absent the game, and the lightning is announced on the same day, and Ryan Matthews will not appear this week.

Mills career five seasons for the Hawks effectiveness, Philadelphia 2016, seven show, has played cornerback and safety guard. Foot injuries limited his performance 2018,2019 two seasons, he played in only 17 games combined in these two years. Mills last season, played 15 games, completed a total of 74 tackles, 1.5 sacks, one steals, and once forced off the ball.

49 people and cornerback Jason - varetz (Jason Verrett) re-signed one year contract salary $ 5.5 million. Varetz is the list of 49 National People's Congress in essence head horn guard, but the injury is a big risk: varetz four years before played only six games. Back to health after last season, played in 13 games varetz, cornerback has become one of 49 most trustworthy. Outside linebacker Samson - Emmanuel Eboue Cam (Samson Ebukam) signed with the team two-year $ 12 million contract.

Hillman ranked first in the number of mulled spheres (207) and the number of mosquies (863 yards) last season, but his performance was covered by Anderson, which caused the transformation of the two characters. Hilman's season finally ended the 1.7 yard performance at the end of the three playoffs.

The striker is listed on the left and right sides of the center, but it is slightly later. According to the tactics or its own strength, the striker will not be 1 to 3 yards from the center interval, and some are even more distance.

Lions defensive end and Romeo - Bioko Guevara (Romeo Okwara) will sign three-year contract, the total payroll of $ 39 million, of which $ 25 million signing bonus. Bioko Guevara completed 10 sacks last season, it is no doubt the best team in Detroit red setter. He will continue to work with Trey - Flowers (Trey Flowers) partner, the impact of the opponent's offensive line.

This helps explain why Hilman has been unattended in the free player market. This also makes this signing of the wild horses to be surprised, because they may be able to pick a potential alternative in next week.

The former Jets and Lions linebacker Garrard - one-year contract Davis (Jarrad Davis), salary $ 7.0 million contract. Davis is a lion in 2017 first-round pick. His team's performance did not meet expectations last season, played in 14 games starting the game only four games, completed 46 tackles, 0.5 sacks.